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May 23-27, 2018

Your next great TED style talk is closer than you think. 

From Idea to Stage Ready in 4 Days.


Taking leaders from idea to delivering a talk in just FOUR days.

SpeakEasy Intensive is a unique speaker development retreat for the executive, entrepreneur, artist, leader or speaker looking to take their career to the next level. 

Here's what you'll learn...

  • Big Idea Creation. Working with coaches to develop your idea into a BIG idea that will be the catalyst for your talk  
  • Content Development Techniques to help you develop new talks, fine tune your idea, clarify your message and develop your style 
  • Incorporate stories from your life and the world around you into your presentations
  • Tips to improve your body language, vocal skills and confidence during any presentation or talk  
  • How to incorporate play and improvisation into your speaking style  
  • Techniques to internalize your script and enhance your delivery  
  • How to develop the right visual support for your talk  
  • One-on-one coaching with world-class TED trained coaches  
  • What it feels like to perform your new talk on stage in front of an audience

And there's more...

Storybuilding Workshop

How to use story, metaphor, and analogies as tools to create understanding and lasting impact. A proven framework that can be used to develop any presentation long or short.

Private coaching sessions

One-on-one sesions with world class coaches who have trained fortune 500 executives and TED speakers from around the world.

Luxury Hotel for 4 Nights & All Meals

Boutique hotel in the heart of Old Quebec City. Auberge Saint-Antoine provides luxury and old world charm. 

Professional video of your talk

Remember your experience and the techniques and tools you learned. We record a high-quality, multi-camera video of your talk.

Performance Workshop

How to make your performance memorable through body language and voice. Tips and tricks for remembering your talk without the use of visuals.

On-Site Rehearsal & Follow Up

Perform on-stage in front of a live audience and once the exclusive retreat is finished, it's no over. Post session is included. 

This all inclusive package for only $4995

Have questions or just want to talk it over before signing up?

New Addition: Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden Headshot

We are thrilled to announce that best selling author, TEDx speaker and one of the world's foremost experts in body language, Mark Bowden will be joining us!

Mark will be sharing his insight and will facilitate an interactive workshop to help you make an impact with your body language for all of your presentations and even in your everyday communications!

World-Class Coaches

Talk Boutique Co-Founder & Executive Speaker Coach

  • A former Strategist and Consultant, Andrea spent over 25 years working in marketing and advertising, presenting and developing strategies for Fortune100 companies. 
  • With a natural talent for developing compelling stories and persuasive content, Andrea is sought after in assisting team and executives develop their presentations or pitches. 
  • Four years ago Andrea’s passion for ideas led her to TEDxToronto where she has coached dozens of TED speakers. 
  • Andrea is currently the Co-Director of Singularity University Canada Summit bringing Singularity University to Canada.
Andrea Sampson Speaker Coach and Founder Talk Boutique
Marianne Lefever Idea Couture Headshot

"In working with Andrea, I’ve found a partner who challenges my thinking and pushes me to strip my message to its core. She helped me build and strengthen my own story and then gave me the tools and confidence to put it out there."

Marianne Lefever Speaker, Consultant-Idea Couture

Nick Kindler Speaker Coach and Founder Talk Boutique

Talk Boutique Co-Founder & Executive Speaker Coach

  •  As a veteran of the Meeting & Events Management industry, a long time entrepreneur, and former actor and comedian Nick has been coaching corporate executives for many years. 
  • Nick focuses exclusively on coaching speakers to deliver their best possible talks.
  • Working with TEDxToroto as a speaker Coach, Nick has had the pleasure of working with some of the day’s best speakers and has been the Director of Programming fo TEDxToronto. 
  • Nick is currently the Co-Director of Singularity University Canada Summit bringing Singularity University to Canada.
Monika Krzyzanowska Princes Margaret Headshot

"Nick was excellent at pushing me to drop the jargon and get to the core ideas resulting in presentations that are easy to understand, concise and engaging yet factual and supported by data. I would highly recommend Nick for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills.​"

Monika Krzyzanowska Medical Oncologist-Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Auberge Saint Antoine Quebec City

A Boutique Hotel, in the heart of Old Québec City  

  • Authentic hospitality 
  • Farm-to-fork dining
  • Out of the ordinary event space 
  • Surrounded by the old-world, yet modern charm of this historical hotel